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New York MTA

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 • : M42-United Nations - W 42 St Pier at 7 Av on W 42 St going 42 St Pier Crosstown

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1: In 8:33 at 3:02:26PM. 5:12 behind 2:57:14PM. Gap 10:54 Vehicle 14
aprchg Madison Av on E 42 St Only

2: In 15:01 at 3:08:54PM. 3:40 behind 3:05:14PM. Gap 6:28 Vehicle 3802
past 1 Av on E 42 St Only

3: In 16:46 at 3:10:39PM. Delayed Waiting 6:58. 3:35 ahead of 3:14:14PM. Gap 1:45 Vehicle 3816
aprchg 1 Av on E 42 St Only

4: In 38:45 at 3:32:38PM. (Sched. based) 1:24 behind 3:31:14PM. Gap 21:59 Vehicle 6736 Will Layover.
aprchg Park Av on E 42 St Only

5: In 41:24 to 45:21 at 3:35:17PM. (Sched. based) 3:57 ahead of 3:39:14PM. Gap 2:39 Vehicle 11 Will Layover.
aprchg 5 Av on W 42 St Only

NJDOT CONSTRUCTION | Through Summer 2021Staten Island Express buses using the Lincoln Tunnel may experience delaysThe New Jersey Department of Transportation will conduct a major construction project that will impact Staten Island express buses using the Lincoln Tunnel. We are working to provide the best service possible during this disruption, but travel times may be longer as a result. Started Dec 29 -7:00AM (Updated Dec 29 -7:00AM)

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