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 • : Q31-Bayside - Jamaica at 41 Av on Bell Bl going ↓Jamaica Lirr

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Through Friday, Aug 7
Southbound Q30 and Q31 buses are detoured from 169th St at Hillside Ave to Sutphin Blvd at Jamaica Ave for the Black Lives Matter mural painting

Buses make stops along the detoured route.

Missed stops:
• 169th St at Hillside Ave
• 169th St at 89th Ave
• 169th St at Jamaica Ave
• Jamaica Ave at Merrick Blvd
• Jamaica Ave at 162nd St
• Jamaica Ave at Parsons Blvd
• Jamaica Ave at 150th St

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Vehicle 7423 on Route Q31 near Jordan St on 32 Av heading North

Vehicle 4197 on Route Q31 near Underhill Av on Utopia Py heading North

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