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 • : 29-Dufferin at Dundas St West on Dufferin St

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1: In 4:04 at 2:39:27PM. 9:23 ahead of 2:48:50PM. Gap 1:17:59 Vehicle 1030 Artic 29A ↓South to Exhibition (Dufferin Gate)
aprchg Bloor St West (Dufferin Station) on Dufferin St Only

2: In 5:20 at 2:40:43PM. 1:09 ahead of 2:41:52PM. Gap 1:16 Vehicle 9032 29C ↓South to Exhibition (Princes' Gates)
aprchg Dufferin Park Ave on Dufferin St Only

3: In 15:04 at 2:50:27PM. 2:24 ahead of 2:52:51PM. Gap 9:45 Vehicle 9102 29C ↓South to Exhibition (Princes' Gates)
past Hope St on Dufferin St Only

4: In 22:14 at 2:57:38PM. 3:13 ahead of 3:00:51PM. Gap 7:10 Vehicle 9033 29C ↓South to Exhibition (Princes' Gates)
aprchg Ramsden Rd South Side on Dufferin St Only

5: In 27:39 at 3:03:02PM. 7:10 behind 2:55:52PM. Gap 5:24 Vehicle 9036 29C ↓South to Exhibition (Princes' Gates)
aprchg Glencairn Ave on Dufferin St Only

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29 Dufferin - Temporary route change
Effective: March 31, 2019

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