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Sound Transit

 •  550-Bellevue - Seattle

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Vehicle 9570 0:53 behind going EXPRESS Bellevue
at 4th Ave on Union St Last seen 1:15

Vehicle 9686 7:21 behind going EXPRESS Bellevue
past Yesler Way on 2nd Ave Ext S Last seen 1:11

Vehicle 9678 0:26 ahead of going EXPRESS Bellevue
aprchg Bellevue Transit Center - Bay 12 Last seen 1:12

Vehicle 9652 6:18 behind going EXPRESS Seattle
aprchg Cherry St on 4th Ave Last seen 1:26

Vehicle 9567 2:47 ahead of going EXPRESS Seattle
aprchg S Jackson St on 4th Ave S Last seen 1:22

Vehicle 9808 2:01 behind going EXPRESS Seattle
aprchg NE 4th St on Bellevue Way NE Last seen 1:19

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