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Sullivan Square
Alford St at Main St
173 Alford St
Dexter St
Thorndike St
Langdon St
Broadway St at Bartlett St
Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway
Gladstone St
Everett Sq
Mansfield St
Summer St
High St
Lexington St
Reed Ave
Ferry St
Coburn Terr
Gledhill St
Summit Ave
Lynn St
Shute St
Estes St
53 Broadway
Sheafe St
Eastern Ave    . . .    Eastern Ave
Prentiss St
Bellvale St
Cleveland St
Lynn St
Beach St at Hancock Rd
Wesley St at Lynn St
Lynn St at Beach St
Eastern Ave at Lynn St
Eastern Ave at Clapp St
1388 Eastern Ave at Bellvale St
1332 Eastern Ave at Prentiss St
1236 Eastern Ave
Eastern Ave
Sheafe St
Broadway Plaza
990 Broadway at Grover St
Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway
Shute St
Cameron St
Kenwood Rd
Edith Ave
Marie Ave
Ferry St
Waverly Ave
Raymond St
Maple Ave
Pleasant St
Webster St
Church St
Norwood St
Second St
Gladstone St
Bowdoin St
Beacham St
Thorndike St
Horizon Way
Alford St    . . .    Alford St
Opp 173 Alford St
MWRA Pump Station
MBTA Charlestown Garage
West St
Sullivan Square

Beginning Sunday, September 1, the Route 109 fall bus schedule will take effect with weekday, Saturday, and Sunday schedule changes throughout the day. Starts Sep 1

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