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←Wakefield Ave Branch Id: 24_0_var0
Mattapan - North Busway
River St    . . .    River St    . . .    River St    . . .    River St    . . .    River St
Cummings Hwy
Violante St
Caton St
Alpine St
Wachusett St
Tileston St
George St
Reddy Ave
Huntington Ave
Metropolitan Ave
West St
Webster St
Fairmount Ave
Fairmount Ave at Nott St
Fairmount Ave at Truman Hwy
Beacon St
Fairmount Ave
Albion St
Metropolitan Ave
Metropolitan Ave at Norris Rd
Metropolitan Ave at Highland St
Summit St at Metropolitan Ave
Summit St at Milton Ave
Milton Ave at Highland St
Highland St
Albion St
Warren Ave
Fairmount Ave
17 Pond St
Williams St at Summit St
Summit St at Neponset Ave
Washington St    . . .    Washington St
Dana Ave
Garfield Ave
Chittick Rd
Woodglen Rd
Faraday St
Needham Rd
Truman Hwy at Wakefield Ave
→Mattapan Branch Id: 24_1_var0
Truman Hwy    . . .    Truman Hwy
Wakefield Ave
Tyler St
Chittick Rd
Dana Ave
Mountfair Terr
Williams Ave
Fairmount Ave at Truman Hwy
River St    . . .    River St
McGrath Way
Walter St
West St
Metropolitan Ave
Maida Terr
920 River St at Reddy Ave
River St    . . .    River St    . . .    River St
Wood Ave
Agnes Ave
Wachusett St
Holmfield Ave
Mattakeeset St
Tesla St
Blue Hill Ave
Blue Hills Pkwy at River St
Mattapan - North Busway

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