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 •  40/50-Cleary Square - Forest Hills

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↓Cleary Square Branch Id: 0_6f85d1fe
Forest Hills
3867 Washington St at Tollgate Way
Washington St    . . .    Washington St
Lochdale Rd
Archdale Rd
Mosgrove Ave
Granfield Ave
South St
South St at Taft Hill Terr
Poplar St at Washington St
Washington St    . . .    Washington St    . . .    Washington St    . . .    Washington St
Albano St
Durnell Ave
Metropolitan Ave
Cornell St
Beech St
Liszt St
W Roxbury Pkwy
Lagrange St
Cowing St
Maplewood St
Heron St
W Boundary Rd
Washington St
Cedarcrest Ln
Ohrenberger School
Georgetowne Dr
Georgetowne Dr at Georgetowne Pl
Alwin St
Dedham Pkwy
Leighton Rd
Turtle Pond Pkwy
272 Reservation Rd at Brainard St
Reservation Rd at Thompson St
Reservation Rd at River St
River St
Adams St
Radford Pl
Hyde Park Ave
↑Forest Hills Branch Id: 1_1940324a
Hyde Park Ave at Oak Street
River St at Hyde Park Ave
Gordon Ave at Summer St
11 Summer St
61 Summer St at Parrott St
Summer St at West St
West St at Austin St
243 West St at Myopia Rd
West St    . . .    West St
Lodge Hill Rd
Deforest St
347 West St
403 West St
Poplar St    . . .    Poplar St
Deforest St
544 Poplar St
Beech St
Cornell St
Metropolitan Ave
Metropolitan Ave at Hilburn St
154 Metropolitan Ave at Malverna Rd
Metropolitan Ave at Augustus Ave
Metropolitan Ave at Kittredge St
Washington St    . . .    Washington St    . . .    Washington St
Rosecliff St
Albano St
Poplar St.
Cummins Hwy
Firth Rd
Granfield Ave
Whipple Ave
Archdale Rd
Aldwin Rd
Tollgate Way
Forest Hills

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