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↑Turkey Hill & Arlington Center Branch Id: 67_0_var0
Alewife - Busway
West Service Rd at Lake St
244 Pleasant St at Brunswick Rd
Pleasant St
Gould Rd
Spring Valley Rd
Addison St
Massachusetts Ave at Mystic St
Massachusetts Ave at Central St
Mill St at Bacon St
Summer St
Richfield St
Oak Hill Dr
Symmes Rd
Symmes Circle at Symmes Rd
Summer St at Washington St
Washington St
Candia St
Ronald Rd
Pheasant Ave
Mohawk Rd
Clyde Terr at Lawrence Ln
↓Alewife & Arlington Center Branch Id: 67_1_var0
Clyde Terr at Lawrence Ln
Forest St    . . .    Forest St
Thomas St
Hancock St
Heard Rd
Sunset Rd
Summer st at Forest St
Summer St    . . .    Summer St
Washington St
Symmes Rd
Oak Hill Dr
Richfield Rd
Mill St at Bacon St
Massachusetts Ave at Academy St
Massachusetts Ave at Library Way
Pleasant St    . . .    Pleasant St
Oak Knoll
Irving St
Kensington St
Brunswick Rd
Lake St    . . .    Lake St
Pleasant St
Milton St
Albert Ave
Rt 2 East on Ramp
Acorn Park Drive
Alewife - Busway

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