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Effective April 8, Routes 86 and 91 are detoured long-term due to construction on the Washington St Bridge for the Green Line Extension Project. Started May 3

Route 86 experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes due to traffic Started Until

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Chestnut Hill Ave    . . .    Chestnut Hill Ave
Englewood Ave
Commonwealth Ave
Strathmore Rd
Chiswick Rd
Wiltshire Rd
Wallingford Rd
Union St
Veronica Smith Ctr
Market St    . . .    Market St    . . .    Market St
Washington St
Sparhawk St
Gardena St
N Beacon St
Guest St
Centola St
Lothrop St
Western Ave    . . .    Western Ave
Mackin St
450 Western Ave
Litchfield St
Everett St
Riverdale St
N Harvard St at Western Ave
N Harvard St at Harvard Stadium Gate 2
16 Eliot St
Quincy St at Kirkland St
Kirkland St at Sumner Rd
Kirkland St at Trowbridge St
Washington St    . . .    Washington St
Beacon St
Calvin St
Perry St
Parker St
Kingman Rd
Somerville Ave at Prospect St
Washington St at Merriam St
Washington St at McGrath Hwy
McGrath Hwy at Alston St
Cross St at Alston St
Washington St at New Washington St
Washington St at Myrtle St
Washington St at Inner Belt Rd
Cambridge St at Carter St
Sullivan Square
Sullivan Square
Cambridge St at Brighton St
Cambridge St at Parker St
Washington St
Mt Vernon St
Myrtle St - Cobble Hill Apt
Franklin St
Tufts St
Cross St
Fountain Ave
Oliver St
Pearl St at Cross St
422 McGrath Hwy
Washington St at Boston St
Washington St at Washington Terr
Somerville Ave at Stone Ave
Washington St    . . .    Washington St
Webster Ave
Parker St
Leland St
Dane St
Beacon St
Kirkland St at Trowbridge St
Kirkland St at Kirkland Place
Harvard Sq at Garden St - Dawes Island
Eliot St at Bennett St
JFK St at Eliot St
N Harvard St at Gate 2 Harvard Stadium
N Harvard St at Western Ave
Western Ave at Riverdale St
Western Ave at Everett St
367 Western Ave at Brighton Mills Mall
Western Ave
Litchfield St
445 Western Ave
495 Western Ave
Market St
Vineland St
Gardena St
Arlington St
Chestnut Hill Ave    . . .    Chestnut Hill Ave
Washington St
Academy Hill Rd
Jackson Ave
Wiltshire Rd
Embassy Rd
South St
Commonwealth Ave
Beacon St

Beginning June 24, 2019 until early 2020, the bus stop on Somerville Ave @ Prospect St (2597) will be closed/missed while service is diverted on Webster Ave and Prospect St due to construction on Somerville Ave in Union Square. Started Jun 24

On Monday, October 21, the lower busway at Harvard will close and all the buses that were boarding there will relocate to the newly renovated upper busway. Started Oct 21
72, 74, 75, 77, 78, 86, and 96:
Will now board in upper busway starting 10/21

71 and 73:
Will continue to board on Mt. Auburn St

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