Boston MBTA

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←Clarendon Hill
Lechmere Busway
225 Msgr O'Brien Hwy
245 O'Brien Hwy at Twin City Plaza
McGrath Hwy at Poplar St
McGrath Hwy at Alston St
Highland Ave at Medford St
Highland Ave at Walnut St
75 Highland Ave at Putnam St
Highland Ave    . . .    Highland Ave    . . .    Highland Ave    . . .    Highland Ave
School St
125 Highland Ave
Central St
Benton Rd
Lowell St
235 Highland Ave
263 Highland Ave
Cedar St
Cherry St
Willow Ave
Grove St at Highland Ave
Davis Busway
Holland St
Wallace St
Paulina St
Cameron Ave
Broadway    . . .    Broadway
Curtis St
Dickson St
Belknap St
North St
Clarendon Hill Busway
Clarendon Hill Busway
Garrison Ave
Weston Ave
Holland St - Teele Sq
Holland St    . . .    Holland St
Moore St
Cameron Ave
Jay St
Dover St
Elm St at Chester St
Highland Ave    . . .    Highland Ave    . . .    Highland Ave    . . .    Highland Ave    . . .    Highland Ave
Cutter Ave
Willow Ave
Cherry St
Cedar St
Conwell St
Tower St.
Lowell St
Benton Rd
Central St
Trull Ln
School St
Vinal Ave
Walnut St
Medford St at Highland Ave
422 McGrath Hwy
Medford St at Washington St
O'Brien Hwy
Medford St
Twin City Plaza
Winter St
Lechmere Busway

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