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 •  41 - 3rd St Station to Southeast Roanoke

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41 - Third Street Station to South East Roanoke
3rd St Station Slip K
3rd St at Church Ave
Elm Ave at 2nd St
Elm EB at Jefferson (Community Hospital)
Bullitt EB at Elm
Bullitt EB at 6th
Bullitt EB at 7th
Bullitt EB at 9th
9th SB at Montrose
9th SB at Buena Vista/Penmar
9th SB at Pechin
9th SB at Morehead
9th SB at Buena Vista (7-11)
9th SB at Industry
Riverland EB at Garden City
Garden City SB at Thomason
Garden City SB at Craig Robertson
Garden City SB at Hartsook
Garden City SB at Davenport/Ivywood
Garden City SB at Gearhart
Garden City SB at Ray
New Spring Branch SB at Tipton
New Spring Branch SB at Baltimore
New Spring Branch SB at Yellow Mountain
Garden City NB at Carico (Garden City Elementary)
Garden City NB at Ray
Garden City NB at Davenport/Ivywood
Garden City NB at Findlay
Garden City NB at Craig Robertson
Garden City NB at Thomason
Mt Pleasant EB at Medical Center Driveway
Bennington Street Food Lion Driveway at Rutrough
Bennington Street Food Lion
Bennington NB at Queen Ann
Bennington NB at Dundee
Bennington NB at Riverdale
Bennington NB at Brownlee
13th NB at Tayloe
13th NB at Montrose
14th NB at Kenwood
Kenwood EB at 17th
Greenbrier EB at Clinton
Vernon NB at Kenwood
Kenwood WB at 17th
Kenwood WB at 15th
Kenwood WB at 14th
Montrose WB at 13th
Jamison WB at 12th
11th SB at Jamison

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