York Region YRT/Viva

 •  445-St Robert SS to Bernard Term

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St. Robert Catholic H.S. Stop #528
Commerce Valley Dr at Leslie St
South Park Rd
Commerce Valley Dr
Pond Dr
Park Common Blvd
South Park Rd Stop #1026
Times Av
Galleria Pkwy
Highway 7
Valleymede Dr    . . .    Valleymede Dr    . . .    Valleymede Dr    . . .    Valleymede Dr
Samantha Cir
Red Oak Dr
Leicester Rd
Chalmers Rd
Hazelmere Dr
Briggs Av
Blackmore Av
Sheila Cres
Strathearn Av
Valleymede Dr Stop #1050
Meadowcliffe Av
16th Av
Spadina Rd    . . .    Spadina Rd    . . .    Spadina Rd
Boake Trl
Lytton Blvd
Brookshill Cres
Weldrick Rd
Clarendon Dr
Strathearn Av
Crescentview Rd
Major Mackenzie Dr at Old Markham Rd
Major Mackenzie Dr at Bayview Av
Major Mackenzie Dr Stop #1697
Major Mackenzie Dr at Sussex Av
Richmond Hill Go Station Platform 4
Newkirk Rd    . . .    Newkirk Rd    . . .    Newkirk Rd
Centre St
Shelley Rd
Crosby Av
Taylor Mills Dr
Newkirk Rd Stop #2195
Beechy Dr
Elgin Mills Rd
Elgin Mills Rd at Ohio Rd
Elgin Mills Rd at Yonge St
Bernard Terminal Platform 3

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