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 •  520-Newmarket Community Bus

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→404 Plaza - EB
Upper Canada Mall Stop #5179
Upper Canada Mall Stop #1971
Davis Dr Stop #2600
George St at Davis Dr
Food Basics Stop #5340
Yonge St
Kingston Rd
London Rd
Bristol Rd
Price Choppers Stop #5021
Yonge St Stop #1975
Costco Stop #5255
Bed Bath Beyond Stop #5256
Superstore Stop #4834
Yonge St at Aspenwood Dr
Walmart Stop #4837
Winners Stop #5306
London Rd    . . .    London Rd
Yorkshire Dr
Harewood Blvd
Dorchester St
Dover Cres
Erin Trail
Main St at Old Main St
155 Main St North Stop # 6177
Main St
Bexhill Rd
Penn Av
Davis Dr at Superior St
Seniors' Meeting Place Stop #5339
Davis Dr
Charles St
Prospect St
Bolton Av
Southlake Health Centre Stop #5333
Grace St Stop #5307
Queen St at Prospect St
Prospect St at Grace St
Prospect St at 100m South Of Davis D
Davis Dr at Bolton Av
Patterson St at Davis Dr
Davis Dr
Huron Heights Dr
Carlson Dr
Belfry Dr
Shoppers Drug Mart Stop #5009
Walmart Stop #5289
←Upper Canada Mall - WB
Walmart Stop #5289
Leslie St at Davis Dr
Leslie St at Birchwood Dr
No Frills Stop #5308
Leslie St at Gorham St
Leslie St at Crowder Blvd
Crowder Blvd Stop #5524
Leslie St
Leslie St Stop #2007
Bogart Mill Trl
Mulock Dr
Mulock Dr at On Bogart Cir
Mulock Dr Stop #2010
Magna Centre Stop #6176
Tom Taylor Place
Mulock Dr at College Manor Dr
Mulock Dr at Bayview Av
Bayview Av at Bondi Av
Bayview Av at College St
Prospect St at Pearson St
Timothy St Stop #5300
Water St at Doug Duncan Dr
Fairly Lake Gardens Stop #5028
Eagle St    . . .    Eagle St
Church St
Ellen St
Lorne Av
Edward St
Newmarket Health Centre Stop #5334
Eagle St    . . .    Eagle St    . . .    Eagle St    . . .    Eagle St
Carol Av
Donlin Av
Dixon Blvd
Yonge St
McCaffrey Rd
Peevers Cres
Glenway Cir
Millard Av
John Bowser Cres
Newmarket Go Terminal Platform 7
Upper Canada Mall Stop #5179

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