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Route 1 Stop Closure Started Nov 7 Until Jan 1 3000
Route 1 Stop Closure Started Nov 7 Until Jan 1 3000
Please note the following stop / stops are closed: York at Colborne EB Started Feb 6 Until Apr 28
Route 1 will not stop at York and Colborne EB, Please catch Route 1 Southbound at York and Waterloo EB.
Route 1 Wellington Gateway Construction Detour Northbound Started Feb 20 Until Apr 28
Route 1 Wellington Gateway Construction Detour Southbound Started Feb 21 Until Apr 28
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
1a Pond Mills via Wellington & DundasKing Edward via Wellington & Dundas1b Kipps Lane via Wellington & Dundas1a Kipps Lane via Wellington & Dundas
Kipps at AdelaideKipps at AdelaideShelbourne at DeveronShelbourne at Deveron
Kipps at BelfieldKipps at BelfieldCommissioners west of Deveron 2Commissioners west of Deveron 2
Kipps at BarkerKipps at BarkerCommissioners west of PondmillsPond Mills at Commissioners
Kipps at Arbour GlenKipps at Arbour GlenCommissioners at King EdwardPond Mills at Burlinton Gate
Kipps at BriarhillKipps at BriarhillKing Edward at BurlingtonPond Mills at Cleveland
Briarhill north of MelsandraBriarhill north of MelsandraKing Edward at ChippendalePond Mills at Ailsa
Briarhill south of Melsandra 2Briarhill south of Melsandra 2King Edward at Vermont AvePond Mills at Scenic
Briarhill at HuronBriarhill at HuronKing Edward at ScenicPond Mills atThompson
Huron at BriarhillHuron at BriarhillKing Edward at DieppeThompson at King Edward
Huron at BarkerHuron at BarkerThompson at King Edward Thompson at Gladston
Huron at WedgewoodHuron at WedgewoodThompson at GladstonThompson at Chesterfield
648 Huron648 HuronThompson at Chesterfield Thompson at Jacqueline
Adelaide at HuronAdelaide at HuronThompson at JacquelineThompson at Adelaide
Adelaide at VictoriaAdelaide at VictoriaThompson at AdelaideWestminster at Thompson Rd
Cheapside west of AdelaideCheapside west of AdelaideWestminster at Thompson RdWestminster at Whetter Ave
Cheapside at WilliamCheapside at WilliamWestminster at Whetter AveWestminster at Baseline Rd
Cheapside at MaitlandCheapside at MaitlandWestminster at Baseline RdBase Line west of Fairview Ave
Colborne at CheapsideColborne at CheapsideBase Line west of Fairview AveWellington at Baseline Rd FS
Colborne at GrosvenorColborne at GrosvenorWellington at Baseline Rd FSWellington at Chester
Colborne at St. JamesColborne at St. JamesWellington at ChesterWellington & Alexandra St
Colborne at OxfordColborne at OxfordWellington & Alexandra StWellington at Bond
Colborne at Pall MallColborne at Pall MallWellington at Bond Wellington at McClary AVE
Colborne at CentralColborne at CentralWellington at McClary AVEWellington at Grand Ave
Colborne at DufferinColborne at DufferinWellington at Grand AveSouth at Wellington St
Dufferin at WaterlooDufferin at WaterlooSouth at Wellington StSouth at Waterloo St
Waterloo south of DufferinWaterloo south of DufferinSouth at Waterloo StSouth St Hospital
Waterloo & King StWaterloo & King StSouth St HospitalColborne at Grey
York at WaterlooYork at WaterlooColborne at GreyColborne south of Horton
York at ColborneYork at ColborneColborne south of HortonYork at Colborne
Colborne south of HortonColborne south of HortonYork at ColborneYork at Waterloo
Grey at ColborneGrey at ColborneYork at WaterlooWaterloo south of Dundas
Grey at WaterlooGrey at WaterlooWaterloo south of DundasWaterloo at Queens
Wellington at GreyWellington at GreyWaterloo at QueensDufferin at Colborne
Wellington at SouthWellington at SouthDufferin at ColborneColborne at Princess
Wellington at GrandWellington at GrandColborne at PrincessColborne at Central
Wellington at Colgrove PlWellington at Colgrove PlColborne at CentralColborne at Pall Mall
Wellington at Wellington CresWellington at Wellington CresColborne at Pall MallColborne at Oxford
Wellington at Thomas JanesWellington at Thomas JanesColborne at OxfordColborne at St. James
Wellington at PercyWellington at PercyColborne at St. JamesColborne at Grosvenor
Base Line east of WellingtonBase Line east of WellingtonColborne at GrosvenorCheapside at Colborne
Base Line west of FairviewBase Line west of FairviewCheapside at ColborneCheapside at Maitland
Westminster at Baseline RdWestminster at Baseline RdCheapside at MaitlandCheapside at William
Westminster at Whetter AveWestminster at Whetter AveCheapside at WilliamAdelaide at Cheapside
Westminster at Thompson RdWestminster at Thompson RdAdelaide at CheapsideAdelaide at Victoria
Princess Elizabeth Elementary SchoolPrincess Elizabeth Elementary SchoolAdelaide at VictoriaAdelaide at Regent
Thompson at Emerson Thompson at Emerson Adelaide at RegentAdelaide at Huron
Thompson at Chesterfield Thompson at Chesterfield Adelaide at Huron Opposite 1145 Adelaide
Thompson at Gladstone AveThompson at Gladstone AveOpposite 1145 AdelaideKipps at Adelaide
Thompson at King EdwardKing Edward at ThompsonKipps at Adelaide
Pond Mills north of ScenicKing Edward at Dieppe
Pond Mills south of ScenicKing Edward at Scenic
Pond Mills at AilsaKing Edward at Echo
Pond Mills at ClevelandKing Edward at Chippendale
Shelbourne at Burlington GateKing Edward at Eagle
Shelbourne between Burlington and DeveronBurlington at Cairn
Shelbourne at DeveronBurlington at Pond Mills
Shelbourne at Burlington Gate
Shelbourne between Burlington and Deveron
Shelbourne at Deveron

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